Fearlessly tracking down (in rather a boring way) Toff infestations wherever they may be. Mostly they seem to be found found in close proximity to A Certain Media Billionaire.

Also the author of Murdoch’s Pirates (see A Certain Media Billionaire’s helpful comments: ‘Believe that and believe anything’ was how he reviewed my 2002 biography, ‘Rupert Murdoch’).(I think he meant it in a nice way.)

This is a list of some of my work. And how I came to be stuck in a rut writing about Rupert. Sigh


1 thought on “About

  1. Perhaps you might to write something more about your rut and how others in Sydney, have become unwittingly whistleblowers – and like all whistleblowers have experienced great distress at the hands of Murdoch sycophants namely Ministers, Premiers and Prime Ministers..http://www.foxandchickens.org/hetty/issues_health_safety.html
    Nothing goes away except that Mike Baird and his Ministers decided to throw more chemicals at the community by removing the EPA Licence that we as a community forced on the operation which stated that they generated and stockpiled hazardous, toxic group waste..

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