The unfortunate shooting at the Hotel Palas–Kazanluk

Hacker Fired at DJ
Computer Whiz Fired at Random 5 Times, One of the Bullets Hit the Man’s Leg
MONITOR – Stara Zagora
An enraged drunk hacker shoot through the leg of the DJ of hotel PALAS –Kazanluk. yesterday  informed  the District Police Directorate. The accident happened on Tuesday at 1.30 h AM.
Quite intoxicated, 31-year old Plamen stayed at the bar on the 4th floor of the hotel where he got in quarrel with the DJ named L—–. The two of them began fighting following the deliberate pecking of the computer whiz at the DJ. The personnel succeeded in parting them. After that Plamen took out his gun Beretta and began firing at random in the bar. He fired 5 shots altogether. One of the bullets hit the left leg of the DJ.
The wounded young man was taken to the surgery of the Kazanluk Hospital and yesterday he was transferred to the Universal Hospital in Stara Zagora. The DJ was operated there. According to the doctors, his condition is serious although there is no danger for his life.
The shooter is a computer specialist and a very famous hacker in Kazanluk, Monitor learnt.
According to information that is not confirmed, he was recently extradited from the USA exactly for his excess computer skills. The police specified that the Plamen owned the gun legally.
MONITOR No 700/ 17 January 2001
This translation of a Bulgarian newspaper article was in an email on Ray Adam’s hard drive. No criminal charges were ever filed. Some of the reported facts are questionable. Plamen Donev worked for News Corp subsidiary NDS at the time. He was never extradited from the USA.  

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